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Wszystkie oferowane przez nas aromaty spełniają wymogi UE i ich dystrybucja jest legalna. Produkty nie zawierają zabronionych substancji chemicznych oraz medycznych, a także nie są szkodliwe dla zdrowia.

SUPER 69 small

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33.00 zł

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Producent: Funline

Content: 10 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
Isopropanol - CAS 67-63-0

The Super 69 poppers is, like its name suggests, a particularly great poppers to have for all your foreplay and 69 sessions, getting you to reach new heights of pleasure. Its strong formula is extremely stimulating and makes it particularly hot in the bedroom so you can focus on giving and receiving pleasure.

For all who want to play dirty and hard, we have the right poppers for you: just open the bottle of Super 69 and let its erotic scent fill the bedroom to get you in the best mood to relax and be excited. Poppers are super famous for making sex great again and we can only concur: Super 69 will suppress any inhibition and taboo you might have for unleashed sessions with your partner.

The super strong propyl nitrite inside is prepared with the highest quality ingredients under strict supervision in France, so that only fresh and strong products are then delivered right to your door. Try the Super 69 poppers today and get crazy orgasms!

Product details:
✓ Fresh new batch of poppers
✓ Purified formula for stronger sensations
✓ Practical 10 ml bottle
✓ Made with isopropyl nitrite
✓ Excites and stimulates you
✓ Perfect for extreme foreplay
✓ Convenient secure cap
✓ Reduces leaks and evaporation