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Fetish Hood - Black

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Producent: TOF Paris

Get in the mood for some sexy BDSM games with the black Fetish 3 Hole Hood by TOF Paris that hides everything but your eyes, nose and mouth.

The material is stretchy and comfortable to wear and imitates the look of wet leather, which is perfect for an evening at the club or in the darkroom.

Masks are perfect to perform incognito the most debasing acts and let yourself be fully immersed in the naughtiest BDSM role playing games.

Product details:
✓ Lightweight fabric
✓ Hole for eyes, mouth and nose
✓ Super sexy design
✓ Perfect for naughty roleplay
✓ Comfy elastic material fits most sizes
✓ Proudly designed and made in Paris, France

Care: Machine wash at 30░C, do not tumble dry, iron at low temperatures
Material: 58% polyester, 36% polurethane, 6% elasthane
Color: black