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OUCH! Velvet Wrist Cuffs with Suction Cup

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Producent: Shots

With the Velvet & Velcro Adjustable Handcuffs with Suction Cup, you can lock your partner in place anywhere, provided there's a flat surface for it!

The handcuffs can be used as ankle cuffs as well, depending on the situation. Two separate velcro handcuffs are included in the delivery, linked with their respective suction cup.

Some places where you can stick the cuffs include, but are not limited to: shower walls, windosw, doors, car windows, tables and kitchen tops. Bring the fun back in your house with these special Bondage Cuffs.

Product details:
✓ Soft velvet texture
✓ Two handcuffs included
✓ Strong suction cup
✓ Sticks on any flat surface

Total length: approx. 36 cm
Width: approx. 5 cm
Material: polyester, iron, PVC
Color: black