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Wszystkie oferowane przez nas aromaty spełniają wymogi UE i ich dystrybucja jest legalna. Produkty nie zawierają zabronionych substancji chemicznych oraz medycznych, a także nie są szkodliwe dla zdrowia.


Zestaw zawiera:

1 x 10 Function Silicone Butt Plug
1 x Push Monster - Deep Throat Vibrating Stroker
1 x RADIKAL RUSH small, 10 ml
1 x Fisting Extreme Anal Relax Gel - Desensitizing - 200 ml Tube

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Everything you need for an exciting weekend, we've put together for you in this Fun Weekend Pack with poppers, masturbator, anal plug and anal lubricant at a very low price.

The best Deep Throat Vibrating masturbator has a constantly tightening tunnel and a vibrating bullet for exciting penis stimulation with full-length tendrils and soft material for an exceptional grip.

Our new vibrating anal plug features 10 vibrating functions for jaw-dropping anal sensations, with its classic sharp and rounded design that is so effective.

Our best anal lubricant, Fisting Extreme Relax, is a relaxing gel with a special cool effect that allows you to enjoy better sensations during anal penetration.

Finally, two of the best brands of poppers Highrise Ultra Strong and Radikal Rush are included to provide you with crazy sensations during your sessions! Open the bottles and let yourself be transported into the fantastic world of popper masturbation!

This packs contains: