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COLT Camo Hog Tie

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Producent: Colt

Colt Hog Tie is probably one of the hottest toys for real tough guys!

This set of four padded cuffs and an extra strong cross belt with stable nickel-free carabiners completely satisfies your innermost desire for submission. Each cuff is equipped with a continuously adjustable Velcro fastener and a durable O-ring. On the outside, the camouflage pattern reflects the strength of the cuffs, while the double padded inside with a smooth surface is particularly gentle on the skin and easy to clean.

Since you can fix both wrists and ankles in various positions at the same time, your slave is totally at your mercy and unable to move. At first, put on the 4 cuffs and then connect them according to your preferences with the 4-point belt to completely give up control.

This Hog Tie with its military look will take your submission adventures to the absolute pinnacle and offers you a wide range of options.

Product details:
✓ camouflage hog tie
✓ size adjustable via velcro
✓ hard-wearing belt cross with carabiners
✓ double upholstered
✓ stable processing
✓ hot optics

Cuff length: approx. 12.8" (32.5 cm)
Cuff diameter: approx. 2.76" (7 cm)
Material: cotton, polyurethane, iron, nylon
Color: camouflage, black