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Wszystkie oferowane przez nas aromaty spełniają wymogi UE i ich dystrybucja jest legalna. Produkty nie zawierają zabronionych substancji chemicznych oraz medycznych, a także nie są szkodliwe dla zdrowia.

Bouncing Weight Clamp

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104.00 zł

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The "Bouncing" Weight Clamp is a brand-new addition to our shop, giving you extra stimulation during your kinky nipple session!

Made with sturdy, heavy and durable stainless steel, the clamp is heavier than other clamps as this time you will not only face experience great stimulation from the pinching of your nipples, you will also face gravity and its stretching consequences for your skin!

You or your partner can lift the sliding weights and let them fall when you've been behaving badly.

To prevent cuts or wounds and for more comfort, the extremity of the clamp is covered with PVC. After your session, wash it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap or special sextoy cleaner before letting it air dry completely and storing it away in a cool and dark place.

Product details:
✓ Robust nipple clamp
✓ With bouncing weight design
✓ For extreme nipple stimulation
✓ Made with sturdy stainless steel
✓ Pinchers covered with PVC for more comfort
✓ Easy to use and to clean

Total length: approx. 15.7 cm
Weight: approx. 190 g
Material: stainless steel, PVC
Color: silver
Content: 1 piece