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FFäusten The Lube - Fist Powder Packets 10 x 4g

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Content: 10 x 4 g (= 10 x approx. 475 ml)

Enjoy lube powder on the go with the new premium FFäusten Lube, containing ten packs of lube powder that you can mix with water and get a really fluid and gliding lubricant for the best sessions in bed! With this format, you can fit it easily in your luggage or your sports bag and always be ready for a quickie while on a trip!

Make your own high-quality water-based lube on the go with this pack of pocket powder! Perfect for anal play, toys or fist-fucking, you'll love how easily you can slide with the FFäusten Lube.

One pack contains 4g of powder which, when combined with approx. 475 ml of water, will make just as much lube. You can personalize how gliding and liquid your lube is by adding a bit more water to the mix. If you add less, the lube is thicker and more concentrated for completely different sensations.

The FFäusten lube created is safe for use with rubber, latex, silicone, condoms and neoprene materials. Since its main ingredient is water, you can use it with every sex-toy material like PVC, silicone and every type of rubber.

With 10 packs of FFäusten Lube powder, you can make up to 4,75 liters of lube! An incredible price for so much lube!

Product details:
✓ 10 packs of single-use powder
✓ Each pack can make approx. 475 ml of lube
✓ High quality ingredients
✓ Extra glide for long-lasting pleasure
✓ Convenient pocket format
✓ Non-toxic and no additives
✓ Compatible with all toys, condoms and materials
✓ Rinse easily with warm water and soap

Ingredients: 100% Polyethyline Oxide

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