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Poppers 2in1 Leakproof Booster Cap Small

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Producent: XTRM

The brand-new 2in1 Booster Cap features a design that makes it completely leakproof so that you can enjoy poppers in every situation without spilling them!

Updated for the third time, this design ensures that you can still smell your aroma when you push the button with your thumb and feel the strong power of your poppers. When you release the button, the Cap is tight again and does not let anything through. Each piece is made with great details and the perfect finish so that your poppers experience is only made better.

It can happen that your poppers falls over or is turned around, but this time there will be no spillage or leaks thanks to this new Booster Cap. This feature is available with the best-selling 2in1 design so you can use both nostrils and experience the most incredible sensations with your poppers.

After your session, replace the original cap and if you wash your booster cap, use only water.

Compatible with: every poppers from the category "small" as well as the large OVAL bottles (like Rush Ultra Strong).

Product details :
✓ Prevents poppers from leaking
✓ High quality plastic
✓ Easy to use and to clean
✓ No awkward handling, just screw it on!
✓ For a better, more intense experience with poppers
✓ No contact with the bottle
✓ Aroma escapes only through the tunnel