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Producent: JOLT Poppers

Content: 10 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7
Pentanol - 71-41-0

The Pur Pentyl poppers is a fresh, strong and new take on your favorite poppers recipes, containing the purest pentyl possible (95% purity), making it one of the purest Premium Poppers of our collection.

If you want to have a really good time, then don't look further, the Pur Pentyl Poppers will knock your socks off and make you enjoy better sensations and orgasms while liberating you of your inhibitions and taboos. You'll feel free to do whatever you want and finally live out your kinks, dreams and fantasies.

Especially recommended during masturbation, anal sex, foreplay or your BDSM sessions, poppers like the Pur Pentyl are super famous for their relaxing effects on your smooth muscles and at the same time stimulating you and making you way more horny and full of lust.

Do you tend to have a favorite formula for your poppers? Do you usually experience way more pleasure with the ones with a Pentyl Nitrite formula? Then the Pur Pentyl Poppers is the perfect one for you!

Product details:
✓ Small 10 ml bottle
✓ With ultra strong Pentyl nitrite
✓ 95% purity
✓ Strong erotic scent
✓ Relaxing effects
✓ Distilled and stabilized for long-lasting sensations
✓ Practical pocket format
✓ Security cap

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