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Pin Fist - Deep Formula

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Producent: Push Toys

Important note:
This product is an enamel pin.
It is NOT a real Poppers bottle.
Complaints regarding this will not be addressed.

With the Fist Deep Formula enamel pin, you'll be able to profess your love and show your taste for the original Fist Poppers!

The pin is the third of our collection and you can attach it to your favorite shirt, harness, jockstrap, bag, jacket, hat, you name it! The pin comes with a black rubber clutch and a single post, staying in place and with no risk of losing it when things get rough!

The silver metal really brings out the best in these pins for a nice 3D effect and the contrasted colors pop out in order to attract the eye instantly!

As a gift to yourself or your friend, this enamel pin is a wonderful way of showing your appreciation for one of our favorite leather cleaners on the market!

Product details:
✓ Pin is 3 cm high
✓ Hard enamel and single posted
✓ Polished silver metal
✓ Start a collection today!
✓ High quality
✓ Enamel paint
✓ Perfect for your jacket, jockstrap, bag or hat!
✓ Exclusively available in our Poppers-Shop!
✓ This is not a bottle of poppers!

Length: ca. 3 cm
Width: ca. 1,58 cm
Material: metal, rubber