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Banger Station - Small Poppers

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Producent: XTRM

Try urgently the Banger Station with your favorite poppers, the new way of enjoying poppers on your own or with a friend! Put your favorite poppers on the middle insert, screw the special Banger cap, connect the tube to the 2in1 Booster and you're ready for action.

As they say, the more, the merrier! The long tube allows you to keep the long 2in1 Booster in your hand, use it and then pass it around to your friends very easily! Get ready for the strongest and most extreme sensations with the Banger Station!

Under the Station, three anti-slip pads keep it in place and prevent it from sliding around and create messes. The Banger Station is one of the most fun and clean way to enjoy your poppers!

This particular version is only compatible with 10 ml bottles like Rush, Jungle Juice Ultra Strong and Fist Strong and the other poppers from the category "Small poppers".

When using only one tube, plug the other "tap" with the seal plug to prevent it from evaporating. To clean the tube and other parts, only use cold water.

Note: the Banger Station is not sold with any poppers, the bottle on the picture is for presentation only.

Product details:
✓ Station for your poppers
✓ Connects one tube to your bottle
✓ With new and extra-long Booster
✓ 2in1 cap for better sensations
✓ Compatible with all small bottles
✓ New and fun way to enjoy aromas
✓ With anti-slip pads
✓ 100 cm long tube
✓ Easy to clean

Contains: 1x long 2in1 Booster, 1x tube, 1x Banger cap SMALL with sealing plug, 1x insert for SMALL bottles, 1x station with anti-slip
Tube length: approx. 100 cm