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Bathmate Anal Lube - Waterbased 93 ml

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Producent: Bathmate

Content: 93 ml
Price per litre: 160.21 EUR

Bathmate Anal Lubricant is a premium water based lube designed for long-lasting anal play. Make it moist and glide for a long time, whether you're solo with toys or with a partner.

Lubes help moisturise the anal area to enhance, ease and make penetration more comfortable, so use as needed. This particular bottle of lube is very practical thanks to the hand pump that you can use one handed. The formula is particularly slippery for the best sensations during sex or foreplay.

After use, clean with warm water and soap. Compatible with latex condoms and all types of sex-toys. Store at room temperature.

Product details:
✓ Incredibly slippery
✓ Premium water-based formula
✓ Perfect for anal play
✓ Compatible with all sex-toys