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OUCH! E-stim Urethral Sounding Set Large

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Producent: Shots

Are you into Doctor/patient Play? If you dare to push boundaries, the electroshock vibrating urethral plug by OUCH! is made for you.

The vibrating dilator provides an unparalleled sensation on and in the genitals.

Urethral sounding is not new, it's been practiced by doctors for a long while but recently, people have discovered an incredible source of pleasure: the urethra contains hundreds of pleasure points, so much so that inserting a sound in it will result in amazing sensations and explosive orgasms.

You effortlessly send electro waves into the penis and urethra. So if you want to experience a totally new sensation, this is for you.

The E-Stimulation Urethral Sounding Set is compatible with water-based lube and can be washed thoroughly with sextoy cleaner or soap and warm water.

Warning: Do not use the urethral sounding set with a heart defect or pacemaker without prior medical consultation. Do not use the urethral sounding in conjunction with flammable objects/liquids. Do not use in conjunction with water and always keep play below the waist.

Product details:
✓ Extreme sensations
✓ Stimulates your urethra
✓ Triggers incredible orgasms
✓ Multi speeds modes
✓ Control the sensitivity: weak/strong
✓ 4 modes: Taps/vibrating/massage/auto
✓ Designed in Holland

Total length urethral sounding: approx. 13.8 cm
Insertable length urethral sounding: approx. 7.4 cm
Insertable diameter: approx. 0.8 cm
Cockring size: approx. 4.3 cm
Batteries: 3x AAA (included)
Material: metal