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Poppers Aroma Topper - Small

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Producent: Boneyard

Have your poppers always at hand and ready to be used with the Poppers Aroma Topper by Boneyard, a fantastic way to enjoy better sensations with your bottles!

With the Aroma Topper, your poppers experience is boosted and transformed into an more intense and incredible session. This Small version fits all 10 ml bottles. The cap allows you to reseal a small 10 ml bottle that has already been opened and to transport it without worry. The cap can be easily opened with the thumb.

How to use the Popper Topper:
Take off the lid of your favourite popper and screw on the Aroma Topper Adapter instead. Protect from sunlight and heat and only clean with water.

Product details:
✓ Click sound indicates sealed cap
✓ High quality plastic
✓ Easy and practical to use
✓ No direct contact with the bottle
✓ Reduces evaporation of the aroma
✓ Prevents spills, stains and odors

Material: plastic