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Cobeco CleanPlay - Protection Powder

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Producent: Cobeco Pharma

Content: 125g
Price per 1 litre: 87,20 EUR

The Clean Play Protect Powder by Cobeco is a talcum powder to maintain your silicone and rubber toys in great condition.

Silicone and rubber are somewhat fragile materials and textures that can be maintained in perfect condition by cleaning them after use and using regularly the talcum Protect Powder on it to absorb moisture.

The material will feel as good as new and ready for some new hot adventures! Use it on the inside of your favourite masturbator, strokers and silicone sleeves and on the outside of your dildos, anal plugs, balls and cockrings.

How to use the talc Protect Powder:
Apply a generous amount on the outside of your sex-toy to form a thin layer of protective talc, shake off the excess and store in a cool dark place.

Product details:
✓ Powder to maintain toys in good condition
✓ Ideal for masturbators, silicone and rubber
✓ Absorbs moisture
✓ Practical size and opening
✓ To be used after washing and once dry