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Leten - Future Pro Heating Masturbator - White

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Producent: Rimba

Leten's Super Masturbator Future Pro is simply the masturbator of the future: all in one, state-of-the-art and yet super easy to use, with heating, drying and sensory stimulation functions never seen before, it is surely the most technical masturbator we have ever tested. Once plugged in, you will be able to enjoy its 3 different speeds and 7 exciting masturbation programs. Two different sleeves are provided to vary the pleasures. Put lubricant on the penis or in the cuff and then activate the movements to start your thrilling masturbation session. The buttons are very easy to use even in the heat of the moment.

Four airbags also make the tunnel narrower, easily inflated and deflated with the button on the side. The auditory and olfactory stimuli allow you to add moaning (3 available modes and modifiable volume) and even an essential oil evaporation system (with 1 bottle supplied) to have it all during your session.

After your session, you can easily wash the sleeve by removing it from the masturbator (only the cuff can be washed, the masturbator is not waterproof) and washing it with hot water and soap or special sex-toys cleaner. Then put the cuff back on, close the masturbator and start the drying function to speed up the drying process.

Product details:
✓ powerful movements for intense masturbation
✓ 10 modes (3 different speeds, 7 programs)
✓ 10 airbag functions
✓ 2 different sleeves
✓ with heating and self-drying function
✓ 3 moaning modes
✓ headphone jack, bluetooth function
✓ aroma evaporation function
✓ easy to clean

Length: approx. 27.3 cm (10.75")
Width: approx. 12 cm (4.72")
Height: approx. 9 cm (3.54")
Material: ABS, TPE
Color: black, white
Power: 220-230V/EU