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Bondage Door Cuffs

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Producent: Command

No matter where you are, with Command Bondage Door Cuffs, every entrance becomes your unique BDSM playground.

All you have to do is put the two acrylic tubes, which are secured with extra strong nylon straps, over the door and close it. At the other end, you put the loops of the adjustable straps around your victim's wrists and tighten the stainless steel adjusters. You can even use the carabiner to connect the two straps to each other. Now there is no chance to escape and your partner is completely at your & your fantasies' mercy.

Never before has submission been this easy and has sparked such passion. Command's Bondage Door Cuffs will take your bondage action to a completely new level.

Product details:
✓ stimulating bondage straps
✓ 2 stable acrylic tubes for mounting
✓ size adjustable loops
✓ easy handling
✓ hot optics

Maximum length: approx. 27.56" (70 cm)
Belt width: approx. 1.5" (3.8 cm)
Acrylic tubes width: approx. 4.88" (12.4 cm)
Acrylic tubes diameter: approx. 1" (2.5 cm)
Material: nylon, acrylic, stainless steel
Colour: black, clear