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COLT Camo Collar & Leash

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Producent: Colt

Give in to your passion entirely. With Colt Collar & Leash it will be especially easy for you.

This collar is double padded and has a sturdy O-ring where the leash finds a perfect point of attachment. The military look quickly makes it clear that this piece is made for real guys. Padded imitation leather creates the perfect combination of high wearing comfort, passionate pleasure and maximum restraint.

Being attached to the especially stable 32" (81 cm) long leash, the submissive partner will quickly accept his role and surrender to his fate. The Dominator remains in control at all times with the loop, also in camo design, and leads his puppy wherever he likes. This is truly the peak of surrender andventures.

Even without a leash, the collar is a fantastic accessory, being an absolute eye-catcher in its own right, assisting you to connect with others for spontaneous bondage games.

No matter at which end of the leash you are going to find yourself, hot action is guaranteed and won't let go of you again.

Product details:
✓ camouflage collar & leash
✓ hard-wearing 2-piece set
✓ soft, comfortable and completely adjustable
✓ extra strong leash
✓ nickel free

Neck circumference: approx. 15.35 - 18.9" (39 - 48 cm)
Length of collar: approx. 23.43" (59.5 cm)
Width of collar: approx. 1.97" (5 cm)
Length of leash: approx. 31.5" (80 cm)
Material: cotton, polyurethane, iron, nickel-free alloy
Color: camouflage, crome